The secret of MPS SOSA STEMCELL Rejuvenation no later than Age 50
The secret of MPS SOSA STEMCELL Rejuvenation no later than Age 50

1.      From the blueprint of DNA and recent decade of study of telomere length of chromosomes double helix, scientists finally and successfully unveiled the trick of adding to the human lifespans through the telomeres protection to prolong our lives to 120 or even 150 of age!    And the Nobel Prize of 2009 was awarded to endorse this great cutting edge discovery.
2.      But, on top of above exciting news, just 5 years later in 2012, another Nobel Prize was awarded to our MPS (Induced Pluripotent Stem cell).  This is even powerful biotechnology, which can literally reset our biological clock, not only to prolong our lives, but, it also gives the unfathomable health of energy and beauty!
3.      How is this MPS different from contemporary stem cell treatment and approved by government?  The secret is that we do not use anyone of our originally reserved body stem cell unlike all others do today.  We simply apply our MPS technology over the specifically selected monocytes that harvest in our blood stream and have them transformed into the advanced multifunctional or multipotent stem cells to repair, replenish, retrograde, replace and rejuvenate with most of our body cell types, as to some points of our trials, some organs can be functioning like a brand new ones, that is why, it is such a good idea to replace the unpredictable organ transplants.
4.      Menopause around 50 meaning we are losing all our puberty performance from inside out and youth is no more from the control of our biological clock of DNA.    However, the reason for SOSA STEMCELL no later than 50 is all based on our 20 years MPS trial research.  Due to the bio-decline through different age development, that we are not only losing great numbers of our original stem cell, but, also many other body cells of organs, glands, bones and tissues to result with all the aging symptoms over our outlook and health, as averagely after age 50 even the remaining body stem cell become torpid or dormant without proper function.  If one do need a powerful kick for overall physical performance, then before 50 or even younger is a threshold to regain the fountain of youth!

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