TGA Updated blood test requirement:

01.  Electrolytes
02.  Liver Function Test
03.  Full Blood Count (Including differential blood count)
04.  Hep. B B (Including HBsAg B & HBsAb B)
05.  Anti-HCV 
06.  Syphilis S.T.S. (VDRL)
07.  HIV Ag/Ab Combo
08.  Mycoplasma Ab
09.  Coagulation Profile
10.  Anti-HTLV-I/HTLV-II 
Client Registration Form + Health Assessment Form

C1. ENGLISH - Client Registration Details Form
C2. ENGLISH - Health Assessment Form
What is the best SOSA STEMCELL Guarantee

Worldwide acknowledged first generation stem cell without controversial in vitro cell quantity reproduction transmutation concern, perfectly safe multifunctional stem cell of all cell types from endoderm, mesoderm and ectoderm. 

We set out of our foot in Australia, because of her highest international credit of TGA approval (Therapeutic Goods Administration), and we are fully prepared with following services to meet all you need.
1.   TGA – Australia special permit for medical treatment with SOSA STEMCELL.
2.   SCTE – Australia government special permit for SOSA STEMCELL export world widely.
3.   ISO – Certified full compliance with International Organisation for Standardization.
4.   NATA – Analysis approval of National Association of Testing Authorities.
5.   GTP – Top standard facility and operational approval better than GMP.
6.   WHO – Corresponded with World Health Organisation SOP Act.
7.   SOSA STEMCELL – World patent application protection.
8.   VERO – Maximum of life safety guaranty ASD$20,000,000 Insurance policy for each valuable customer.
9.   In addition to above guaranty, one must know that our MPS of SOSA STEMCELL is the only one transcended 2012 Nobel Awarded Japanese MPS, plus we have more than 3000 people successful trial, while others have none human trial to compare with us until this date!
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Health is not just an option
It also needs determination
Plus endless education
Assessment of SOSA STEMCELL candidate of cancer patient

·       Firstly the personal medical history must be reviewed with related family medical history toward every possible genetically inherited disease or defect, in order to find out whether it is SOSA STEMCELL reversible or remissible.
·       The tumour quantity, size and location are very significant, thus, the CT and MRI images together with bio-analysis of blood test index and biopsy of tissue information are needed, where as to decide the severity of each case whether it can be curable in time and how much stem cells are needed toward the efficient bio-proportion between the fight of cancer cells and stem cells, as this is almost totally rely on the judgment of our intensive trial experience only.
·       For the different nature of the cancer cells in different organs, glands, systems or just some tissues, the bio-significant concern is very much related to the growing speed of cancer cells.  While as the cancer cell quantity is concerned, the different location of metastasis to our body will also lead to how SOSA STEMCELL is performed or sometimes in our physical term that the “time” is already out!
·       Therefore, under any circumstance, the “time” factor is always the priority concern.
·       During our trial study over many overdosed chemo and radio therapy patients the organs and systems are all incurable to devastating failure, as the overdosed chemo can almost kill the patient on site and the over radio radiation can normally kill after few months or sometimes two years by poorly responded nerve conduction, due to radio damage, as the phenomenon of symptoms can be like all blood index is normal or debilitating as depending on the bone marrow site is polluted or not during chemo or radio therapy, otherwise, it is the same that the nerve trans conduction is completely shut down and the treated area is detected with very high read of remnant radiation, which disables all the metabolization and eventually follows the body total dysfunction!  Therefore, anyone who would consider for SOSA STEMCELL service, please take caution on your radio therapy!

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Time never exists, it is just now or never.
Do not mourn the past, just grasp the present!

The successful SOSA STEMCELL trials in the past 10 years are as followed:

1.    Rejuvenation of elderly people
2.    Rejuvenation of middle-aged people
3.    Stroke (CVA)
4.    Alzheimer’s Disease
5.    Parkinson’s Disease
6.    MS - Multiple Sclerosis
7.    Hair Regrowth
8.    White hair turns to black
9.    Menopause Disorder
10.  Skin Whitening and Psoriasis
11.  Facial pores reduction and skin elasticity promotion
12.  Weight Reduction
13.  Myocardial Infarction
14.  Poor Cardiovascular Circulation
15.  Acquired Heart Valves Disorder
16.  Degeneration of Lung Function
17.  Initial stage of Lung Cancer
18.  Initial stage of Nasopharyngeal Cancer
19.  Initial stage of Stomach (Gastric) Cancer
20.  Initial stage of Colon Cancer
21.  Initial stage of Bladder Cancer
22.  Initial stage of Prostate Cancer
23.  Initial stage of Breast Cancer
24.  Initial stage of Ovarian Cancer
25.  Initial stage of Cervical Cancer
26.  Initial stage of Lacrimal Gland Cancer
27.  Fatty Liver
28.  Initial Stage of Liver Cirrhosis
29.  Hepatitis A,B,C.
30.  Initial Stage of Liver Cancer
31.  Initial Stage of Kidney Failure
32.  Initial Stage of Kidney Cancer
33.  Initial Stage of Pancreatic Cancer
34.  Type II Diabetes
35.  Immuno-Deficiency
36.  Promotion of Leukocyte and Erythrocyte production
37.  Gonarthritis
38.  Rheumatoid Arthritis
39.  Osteoporosis
40.  Promoting better sleep
41.  Male/Female Infertility
42.  Renal Deficiency and Sexual Function Restoration
43.  Promoting Digestive Function
44.  Improving Depression
45.  Improving Neuro System Conduction
46.  Promoting Lymphatic Circulation
47.  Improving Endocrine (Hormonal) System
48.  Fast repair of tissue damage from accident
49.  Improving coldness type of body
50.  Improving side-effect from chemotherapy
51.  Improving side-effect from radiotherapy
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

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Looking after your body, it can be your best friend, a rewarding partner, overlooking it, it can be your worst enemy, a nightmare forever.


01. All STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) are not accepted at this stage.      
02. All terminal cancer and genetically inherited diseases demands more medical history for intensive assessment.                     
03. Patients of Anaemia, Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart disease and Leukaemia of all type need doctor’s approval of 250cc blood drawing.         
04. Patients of overdosed Radiology and Chemo therapy may be denied with SOSA STEMCELL.      
05. SOSA STEMCELL candidate is preferred to have 30 days detox before treatment and minimum 180 days post SOSA STEMCELL maintenance program.      
SOSA STEMCELL candidate must supply correct name, nationality, date of birth, blood type, height, weight, white and red blood number, especially number of monocyte.                                
07. Medical history report is needed in details of any surgery, trauma, regulator and other transplants.                               
08. Allergy of any kind must be reported in details.                                   
09. Approved candidate will be informed
SOSA STEMCELL schedule within 10 days after payment is fully paid in advance. (In case of any event or accident of no SOSA STEMCELL service from client’s mistake or unavailability, the payment can be refunded in 15 days according to the stage of costs already being defrayed by SOSA STEMCELL Lab)                                                                          
10. Normally, the
SOSA STEMCELL SOP takes 7 to 8 days, unless some extra ASC number is required by client.                                      
11. Basically, client should stay as close to our laboratory site to avoid possible traffic delay.                                                                     
12. All above information of client are to be kept strictly confidential.

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A happy heart is good medicine
A cheerful mind works healing
A broken spirit dries up the bone