How to assess the most safe and effective MPS SOSA STEMCELL
How to assess the most safe and effective MPS SOSA STEMCELL

With the latest 30 years international research and documentary of stem cell study, the answers are the following points:
1.  The must of Multipotency- Meaning it has all the pluripotent nature cascading from Embryonic Totipotent stem cell, which is capable to differentiate into all the body cell types through the main category ramification of Ectoderm, Mesoderm and Endoderm .
Currently, SOSA is the only lab who has above Multipotent stem cell transformed from the first generation of white blood monocyte and this technology MPS SOSA STEMCELL is endorsed by Nobel Award, because of its effectiveness and undoubted safety approval.  While other contemporary are still struggling over Hemopoietic stem cell and Adipose Stem cell, which are called ORSC original reserved stem cell, and due to these ORSC are confined to multipotency by DNA transcription control, thus, they can only try on unipotent stem cell transformation.  Any attempt trying to multiply any kind of stem cell by multi-generational development may face the mutation of stem cell  and threaten our life and health as all the international documentary revealed from time to time, but, unfortunately many are still risking it due to ignorance and purely business sensed.
2.  The must of Stability of Multipotency-  Due to the contemporary Bone marrow Hemopoietic stem cell and Adipose stem cell cannot be transformed into multipotent stem cell, therefore, SOSA MPS STEMCELL seems to be the best solution, which can effectively observing its duty to help our body cells to repair, replenish, retrograde, replace and rejuvenate.  Meanwhile, it can prolong our lifespan as longer as STEMCELL intended healthily.
3.  The Threshold of quantity concern- SOSA Multipotent stem cell is derived from the first generation Monocyte of white blood family, thus, we can easily harvest them from blood vessel with multi-millions in quantity and successfully transform them into our patent multipotent stem cell and because of the tremendous and incomparable quantity that enabling this technology to save more critical cases, such as Cancer, Serious Trauma or even aged for Rejuvenation and the list goes on as modern day gospel.
4.  The least invasive operation- Only general intravenous blood drawing and injection needed, which means the most convenient and comfortable operation compared with any kind of stem cell operation today.
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